New development or reconstruction

As a competent partner regarding family homes or apartment units, we support you in scheduling and planning, help choosing the applicable selection of proper building materials and execute the contracting work in top quality.

For renovation, we can be on assistant to you with simply anything: from demolition,core removal, plaster work and dry lining up to tiling.

Irrespective of new development or reconstruction: in coaction the perfect solution will be developed.

Project Management

You arrange for your own family home, have to renovate your current one or simply got some fresh and innovative ideas for remodeling? But you couldn't do without supervising the construction yourself?

Get an independent and specialized site inspector to back you up and who is able to help with words and deeds in whatever circumstances occur – might it be individualized advise or serving as your representative over the entire building process.

We commit ourselves to complete your project in the best possible way and assist regarding any structurally engineered question arising.

Roof Extension

Roof extension is the perfect way of gaining more space. If for your child, as an office or bedroom – developing the attic offers numerous options. By structural modifications such as putting in dormer windows or roof-lights, unutilized lofts are being changed to light space consiting of quality insulation, assuring of involving comfort underneath your unique rakers.

Addition of storeys

To extend your home, the addition of storey's is a perfect and worthwhile solution for upgrading your property:
  • Enhancement in value
  • No costs for development or site utilization
  • Making use of existing infrastructures (such as supply lines)
  • Roof Restauration

    Without regulary spot-checks and efficient maintenance it comes with the years that your roof is going to get derilict. Not only the visual impact is affected, but also the property value declines, and the energy costs rise. Rather obviate the occurence of sad circumstances and get us to preventive examine on your roof.


    Efficient insulation is indispenable for anyone who wants to receive low energy costs and protect the environment at the same time. Not only against coldness, also in hot summer temperatures, the significance of a proper protection system is highly visible. It guarantees a comfortable and convenient atmosphere in the privacy of your own home.
    You can choose from following insulation-procedures:
  • Roof
  • Storefront
  • Upper storey's ceiling
  • Custom-made Products

    There is a certain conception arising in your head? We are the perfect one's to make your ideas become reality! Get in contact with us and let us know about your concept. Due to our expericence and technical abilities we will implement the whole project from the conceptual design up to the final completion.

    Take a look at our numerous references:
  • timber decks
  • carports/pergolas
  • stairs
  • skylights