On-the-spot support

We gladly provide advise on the site. Consequently we can immediately react to any of your requirements regarding the refurbishment or outbuilding and modulate further steps according to your needs. As a matter of course, our qualified service will support you all way long till the day of the move in.

Proficiency by experts only

Due to our long-lasting experience as well as current knowledge we guarantee professional completion and grant a long-life cycle of all our products.

All from one source

On request, we arrange sub-contractors who attend to orders to your satisfaction. With pleasure, we take them up on your suggestions as well.

For your convenience

To leave the building-site as clean as possible, plays a prominent role in our management philosophy. Working indoors, we take uttermost care, and due to your demands, we offer to keep evidence about important steps and progress by making use of our digital camera. Furthermore, we take any questions or remarks that might occur and attend to it immediately.


To protect the environment during our workmanship is a natural issue. Without exception, we do use eco-friendly materials, and care for proper disposal of contaminated or recycable waste.

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